La Tabaccheria I Liquorosi Aroma Passito di Tabacco 10ml
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La Tabaccheria I Liquorosi Aroma Passito di Tabacco 10ml


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The revisiting of a legendary blend, around which a myth was created and for which more literature and hypotheses were made about the real recipe, than any other mixture of tobacco. This is our interpretation of the mixture !!!
For the realization of this review, we must take into account some important factors, as, as always, we like to be clear and transparent with our customers.
The first factor to take into account is the fact that this mixture, in its original version, is no longer produced, therefore recreating a vaporizing production of this product would be impossible for anyone, although very rare stocks can still be found, but not in quantities such as to allow a vaping production (among other things, as always, we advise against anyone to vape mixtures of tobacco products for different reasons, always better to use extracts produced with the use of raw tobacco and top quality).
Having said that, we must take into account another factor, the tobacco that made up this mixture are no longer cultivated and available, such as the Sirian Latakia.
Recreating exactly that legendary blend, today, would be impossible even for the manufacturing company that holds the original recipe, not only the proportions of the tobacco play an important factor, but those tobacco, as a degree, quality, origin but even vintage, a little as happens for the production of wine. Then imagine if some of those tobaccos are no longer cultivated.
That said, let's now consider two other major differences:
- the first difference is that between processed tobacco (flavored, flavored, processed) and a non-processed tobacco as we use it.
- another difference is between smoked tobacco and extracted tobacco and vape.
All this to say that today, any approach without the exact recipe and without those raw materials, can only be a review based on literature, but it can never be or have the claim to be that product that now remains a legend!
In any case, based on team experiences and the many available literature, we have done our best to create this blend, worthy of our Hell's Mixtures Line !!!

By (BOLLATE, Italy) on  05 June 2019 (La Tabaccheria I Liquorosi Aroma Passito di Tabacco 10ml) :

Passito LT

Buono giusto equilibrio di aroma , a mio parere da diluire al 15 % essendo per i miei gusti troppo delicato

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By (Canosa di Puglia, Italy) on  18 Apr. 2019 (La Tabaccheria I Liquorosi Aroma Passito di Tabacco 10ml) :



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