Loyalty Rewards


Year Winners [2019]

Augusto Candido
Boris Crippa
Antonio Patruno
Corrado Russo
Massimiliano Scagnetti
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Loyalty Reward of this month

1x 100€ Coupon

Loyalty Rewards Rules

1. Loyalty rewards are products put up for grabs every month through an extraction.

2. To participate in the draw it is necessary to:
- be registered on our website
- make any purchase
- review at least one of the products purchased

3. Once you have placed any order, a virtual ticket will automatically be generated when the order is processed, this will be saved in our database with a unique ID and the order ID.

3. For each order placed in the recurring month for the same customer, there will be a greater percentage to be extracted.

4. The lucky winner of each month's draw, confirming the winnings, authorizes us to include his/her name, surname and order reference on our website and social network.

Extraction Mode

The winner will be drawn out the first days every month with a live schedule on our Facebook page and can be followed by everyone on the same on the following link:

Once the drawing is done, the LIVE will be saved as proof and the lucky winner's name, surname and order reference will be published on the website.

Remember that we will consider only valid orders that the owners have complied with the regulation previously described.

The winner will be contacted at the phone number / email in his account to agree on shipping methods.

In case of prolonged unavailability (3 days) or irregular winnings, the owner of the next chronological order will be considered the winner.

The database will be reset immediately after extraction to continue with data collection and extraction of the following month.