[RDTA] Dripper Tank

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Wotofo Atomizer Profile M RTA 24,5mm
Wotofo Profile M RTA is the smallest yet sophisticated Mesh RTA on the market. Structurally, being short causes the vapor to travel less to enter the mouth, thus enhancing the original flavor of your e-liquid. It supports the construction of a single steel coil / mesh with the classic profile mesh locking method and is also compatible with nexMESH
Wotofo Atomizer Profile RDTA 25mm 6,2ml
Wotofo Profile RDTA as a new profile member will certainly live up to the expectations of flavor chasers. Being the RDTA version of the popular RDA profile, Profile RDTA will certainly live up to the expectations of flavor chasers. Enhance RDTA juice transfer from bottom to top by using 4 stainless steel wicks and can be used with single wire spool, double wire spool and mesh spool of course.
Alliancetech Vapor Flave Tank RS RDTA RTA BF 24mm
FLAVE TANK RS is an RDTA Atomizer in Bottom Feeder, made by Alliancetech, with an impeccable design and a fantastic logo, which reminds us that each edition of the brend is a real jewel. This Atomizer can accommodate a Single Coil, has a diameter of 24 mm and is very simple to Regenerate. It has very resistant materials and ease of top filling of Electronic Cigarette Liquid, perfect for the most demanding Vapers. An Atomizer for true experts.
The Rook RDTA MESH The Vaping Gentlemen Club
Calling it Genesis would be an understatement because as we will see The Rook is much more. We call it an RPGA, Rebuildable Professional Genesis Atomizer. The Rook was born after 19 months of gestation, by far the longest time an Atomizer has ever asked us to see the light. However, we think that the whole philosophy behind our brand is condensed in the Tower.
€ 249.00