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The EnjoySvapo brand is the result of twenty years of experience in the chemical products sector.
The idea from the beginning was to create liquids strictly respecting all the safety regulations in a scrupulous manner in order to guarantee the end user and the commercial businesses that would take care of placing liquids on the market. .
 The passion for vape has meant that our mission was to create new flavors to be offered to a market of more and more demanding vapors and always looking for new goodies.
With great humility we have turned to the same users to probe the preferences and tastes so as to calibrate each individual aroma.
Our intention is to continue developing new flavors in the future, making our offer always up-to-date and always in step with the needs of the people of the vapors.
In order to keep our promise we will ask the collaboration of all our customers giving them the opportunity to suggest new recipes and to request new aromas: every single piece of advice will be evaluated and will receive a response from our staff.

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Aroma Concentrato –  Un estratto di Virginia dalle foglie chiare contiene le tipiche note fragranti e dolci. - Flacone: 20ml in vetro - Made in Italy - Etichetta in Italian

Main features:

Type of product: Concentrated flavor

Label in Italian

Taste: Virginia

Bottle: 20ml glass

Nicotine: No

Brand: Enjoysvapo

Usage Tips:

Dilution 3-12% -

Recommended maturation time at least 2 days

Package Contents:

1 x Virginia, 20ml